This is back to square one

Everything changes from today between you, the publishers you love, and your favorite brands.

Imagine a world free of those annoying, stressing, intrusive banners. Without the sneaky ads that won’t leave you alone. Staying in control of your own data as you freely browse the news or install mobile apps.

There is a way to rethink our relationship with brands, media, and app publishers. Without the noise. Enjoying a fair balance that helps build trusted connections.

Yes, brands will still want to get to know you. They need to understand how to be more appealing to you. They have made great efforts to find out what you like and how you spend your money. And, in that pursuit, they forgot to ask you what matters most: How you want to be treated.

We invite you to explore an alternative version of the Internet. With its endless possibilities and freedom. With the best of each and every one of us. Where the brands you choose pay for the content you love. Without the tricks and the fraudsters.

NODO by PrivacyCloud

If you want to be a part of this change, this is your opportunity

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